College Football

Week 5: Where Da Defenses At?

30 Sep , 2013  

Here’s your SEC recap for this week:

  • LSU and George went toe-to-toe, face-to-face, knee-to-groin
  • Alabama put together an almost complete game (and 1 controversial hit)
  • Auburn didn’t embarrass themselves in a bye week

Plus, listen within the next 15 minutes and get these bonus rants:

  • Who the hell hires Lane Kiffin?
  • WTF with West B.G. Virginia and the BigXII (10)
  • Playoff picks and Headsman front-runner

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3 Responses

  1. Cathy Head says:


  2. Ant Pruitt says:

    OK State will be fine. They may lose one more game.

    Jim Beau or whatever the second caller’s name was, was hilarious!

    Tajh Boyd is pretty dadgum good. Just another 300+ yard day passing and 3 TDs.

    -RAP, II

  3. Carey says:

    Oh, I fully expect OKST to end the year as the Big XII (10) runner-up… and unranked.

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