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Week 7 recap: The Wild, Wild (SEC) West

19 Oct , 2015  

Outside of Leonard Fournette, no one in the SEC is who we thought they were. Inside of Leonard Fournette is a T-800, and it’s only a matter of time before the LSU running game becomes self-aware and initiates a nuclear strike on the entire U.S..

Who’d have thunk that after the halfway point:

  • Ole Miss would have beaten Bama and lost to Memphis?
  • Florida would have been the marquee game for LSU to this point, and in control of the East?
  • Auburn would be feeling hopeful after a 3-point win over Kentucky?
  • Bama’s secondary would beĀ winning them games against spread offenses?

Such is life. Such is college football. Come spend a few minutes in Igno Rant land as we recap all this and more!

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